We don't just grow traffic or your advertising bill. We increase enquiries, sales & profits.

About The Ivy Lead

We help you show the right ads to the right people at the right time and explode your sales.  

For the last 15 years, we have been building digital marketing machines to attract and educate your ideal customer so you can sell more products and services. 

We are different from other agencies because We focus on profit and business growth (not clipping the ticket on traffic that doesn’t convert). 

Because we track EVERYTHING, so we know what to fix to drive more sales  

We give you an easy to understand report so you know we are doing what we say we are. It tells you what you spent, where it got you, and how much money you made (no fancy reports full of acronyms to confuse you, so you don’t ask questions). 

That why we keep our clients for 8+ years (rather than 6 months, like the average digital marketing agency.) Our clients love us and you will too. 

Lucy Ross - Founder of the Ivy Lead  

Hi, I am Lucy, I started building websites in my parent's attic when I was 18 back in 2005 as a side gig at university, I sold snowboards and lift tickets to people in the USA and learnt how to attract 750,000+ people to my website and get them to buy things. Which kept me in lift passes and wine at Otago University.  

Once I finished Uni back in 2007 there were not digital marketing jobs for business (no one knew what an s.e.o was), So I started my own business freelancing into digital marketing agencies and got certified as a Google partner. In the agencies, I worked on SEO and Adwords campaigns both Nationally & Internationally for Interflora, 1791 Diamonds, MyTaxRefunds, Little India, Ice Breaker, Mercury Energy, to name a few. I also contracted into the marketing department at Foodstuff’s, had a side gig building websites, wrote a cookbook and sold it online, started food blogging website where I sold advertising space and built websites. Working in agencies was great, but I was sick of driving traffic and having a meeting with clients who wanted to know how that traffic translated in sales and profit. So I decided to bite the bullet and start my own digital marketing business full time in 2009 with a focus on sales and profits... not just traffic. Now I have three brands Getmorelocalcustomers.co.nz (for retail business's) ecommercemarketing.co.nz (for ecommerce websites) and theivylead.com for lead & sales generation. Starting my own business gave me a fantastic perspective as I suddenly started to feel the pain of my customers when it came to investing in marketing. And it was a steep learning curve, putting my credit card on the line and buying traffic for my own business (in a HIGHLY competitive market). I knew how to drive traffic and get enquiries, so I had to learn fast how to create a lead generating funnel, build sales processes, sort out my accounting, hire staff and spin all the plates a business owner needs to spin to run a successful business. Believe me - this was the fastest way for me to learn how to become savvy with digital marketing and running profitable campaigns. I learnt the value of knowing how much it cost me to buy a lead, a sale and get repeat customers. Now I do this for other business owners. Thanks to Google Ads, Facebook Ads & A killer marketing funnel, I doubled my agencies turnover in 3 months. I discovered how the right marketing message, a useful website and email automation could help me squeeze every last lead of out of my marketing budget and ATTRACT better quality customers. Over the last 10 years as a business owner, I have honed my Google Ads Skills. Become a google partner. Had google fly me to Singapore to go to their offices. Worked with over 50+ business (some for 10 years) helping them grow their business, had a client win a marketing campaign of the year award for our work and become one of the fastest-growing franchises in Australiasia. My main strength is understanding every step of your customers buying journey and writing kick-ass emotional copy that makes your ideal customer click on your ad, read the words on your landing page and convert like crazy.

Want to discuss your marketing?  

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Transform your marketing from an expense into an investment

Never waste another cent on digital marketing

Clients hire me to:

  • Measure what is happening on their website and tell them what to fix to make more money (and fix it)
  • Let them know what they spend, what they made, and what to do next.
  • Get clear on what needs to change to help them grow.
  • Build them a marketing machine where they put cash in at one end and more cash comes out at the other end.  

Are you unhappy with your digital and looking for clarity on how to get the most sales from your marketing dollars?