Hi, I'm Lucy. I can help you squeeze every last sale out of your marketing budget so you can fill staff capacity & make more profit.

P.s. I've helped grow a business by 2 million dollars in 24 months.

lucy ross growth marketer

Your marketing budget is precious... don't waste it.

Does your advertising feel more like an expense than an investment? We put your precious advertising dollars into profitable digital marketing campaigns that turn your website traffic into customers.  

As a business owner, I know how important it is not to waste a cent with digital advertising. Here at The Ivy Lead, we are google partners (that means we have passed 5 google exams with 85%+ so you know we know our stuff.)  

  • We build and manage profitable Google Ads Campaigns for your business so you can make more sales & profit.
  • We help you attract your ideal customer online with google ads and convert them like crazy to explode your sales.
  • If you are serious about using google ads to grow your leads, sales and profits it’s crucial you work with a google ad professional who knows what they are doing and is focused on increasing sales and profits… not just traffic (and your credit card bill). 
  • As growth marketers, we want to turn your google ads account into a cash machine and help you achieve success when it comes to online advertising.  

"We have been working with Lucy for over 10 years. We love that she focuses on sales and ROI, not just traffic. When she built us a new ecommerce website she 5x our sales."

"Lucy has been managing our Google ads for the Last 2 years. Last month she generated 855 high quality new leads for our Franchisee owners through her landing pages & ads. "

"We hired Lucy because we saw she had built a competitors website who was doing really well. She built us a conversion rate optimised website and 4x our sales overnight."

"There have been two instances where I have had to email Lucy and say 'Can you turn the campaigns off, we have got too many orders and we can't handle any more'... which is not a bad problem to have."

Gina, Christchurch

Julietta, Tauranga

Jenny, Lincoln

Brad, Christchurch

We drive sales & profits... not traffic & credit card bills. 


Turn your adwords into a cash machine

Are you giving your marketing machine the right fuel?

We don't take on customers if we know we don't think we can't get them a great result and make their campaigns profitable. We have a tried and tested system for building marketing machines that include great ad copy, high click through rates, landing pages that are great sales people and analytics so we can track everyting so we know what to improve.

Request an audit to see if it's a good fit.

We can generally tell if it's going to be a good fit by checking out your website, your google ads and how you show up. We just need to grab a few details to start the audit

It now costs marian's 5 x less to get sales from her customers.

"Before I worked with you, I was paying a consultant 15% of my sales, so he could discount my prices to attract price-sensitive customers for virtually no profit. Since I found your we have a machine set up lets me buy customers and sales who pay full price and shop often. Now we are spending 1/5th of the cost to acquire a sale, making more profit on those sales. Not to mention running clever campaigns to clone our best customers so we make even more sales. I love you! "

Marian - All About A Girl

You could keep doing what you're doing and not know how much you're missing out on, or could jump on a call and discover what you are missing out on today.

Let's work together.